A Sports Massage can be Beneficial to an Athlete

Sports massage is much in vogue these days due to its relaxation properties. A sports massage therapy can be provided to an athlete prior to and after a performance so that it can help the muscles and one can perform optimally. The focus is mainly on the leg and calf muscles although some massage can also be provided on the shoulder. A typical sports massage session lasts for around half an hour to an hour and consists of effleurage, petrissage and cupping methods, all of which can be combined by a sports massager for getting the best results. We discuss here some key points related to sports massage, including its advantages for an athlete.

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  • There are many advantages of it – A pre event massage readies the muscles so that there can be more blood flow, the muscles can sufficiently loosen up, tension can be released and also there can be a psychological feeling of readiness attached with all this. A post event massage can help in microtraumas. Microtraumas are muscle swellings due to tiny tears that can occur due to heavy exercises. A post event massage therapy Toronto can be useful for loosening up the muscles and promoting the blood flow so that lactic acid build up can removed along with any waste. It can also help in early recovery and minimize any cramping issue. Additionally, any soreness or pulling problem can also be helped.
  • Some precautions should be taken – Any athlete can undergo a massage therapy for a muscle injury as it does not have any side effect. However, there are few precautions that must be understood here. It is always better to consult a sports therapist before undertaking it as certain muscle and ligament problems may need complete rest. Massage may aggravate the situation unnecessarily. Moreover, under certain ailments, like cancer, high blood pressure and certain skin problems,sports massage may not be desired.

Importance of sports massage has increased in recent times due to its efficacy and therefore, more therapists are being solicited across the arena.