Be Informed on Hookah Pen before Starting

Hookah pen an electronic cigarette premium disposable where you can have up to 500 puffs. It has an appearance of a pen where you can smell different flavors like strawberry, apple, paradise punch and many more. When you inhale these hookah pen you will have a real feel of tasting and smelling your favorite flavors with pretty thick clouds of vapor.

hookah Australia

Hookah Pen – How it works

Hookah pen are basically electric cigarettes that comes with a range of liquids. These flavors are considered as some of the best across the globe as they are manufactured using the natural ingredients.  Hookah Australia basically consists of the following components when you unravel a starter kit.

  • Hookah Pen
  • Charger – The hookah pens are charged by removing the atomizer and screwing the stick to the charger and the other side of the charger is connected to the USB devices such as a phone charger or your personal computer.
  • Atomizer or the heating element where you fill the liquid. It is highly recommended to fill up to the required level or little less because the gas will restrict the airflow when it goes beyond that level.

Once it done with charging and refilling with liquids it becomes quite handy to have it on your pockets.

Are Hookah Pen a healthy alternative?

Nicotine is a narcotic and causes addiction once you start using it. It affects your cardiac system besides reducing the brain functionalities. If you are in the verge of stop smoking trying a hand on hookah pen doesn’t sound as a healthy option. Though these electronic pens doesn’t fill the lungs with smoke yet when it is inhaled in large quantities it is quite toxic.

Final Conclusions

Hookah pens are gaining popularity these days due to its appealing features and vibrant flavors. Kicking the habit on e-cigars becomes more difficult when you get addicted to it, so it is better not to start the practice.