Everything to Know About Gutter Installation Charleston SC

When making their new homes, people often forget about their gutters. However, you cannot make that mistake, considering how important this is for your home. As a result, gutter installation Charleston SC is something you must know about in depth. Here is everything you should need to know about this topic of discussion.

gutter installation Charleston SC

Preparation for Installation

There are some forms of preparation that you need to take before the actual installation can take place. Here mentioned are some of them:

  • Map out the layout of the house
  • Estimate the length of the gutter you will be constructing
  • List down all of the requirements like material, measurements etc.
  • Get the advice of any gutter repair Charleston SC company if you need to

These may seem trivial at the beginning, but make no mistake; they are important steps to take. After all, there can be no progress made without having the right kind of preparation to initiate it all.

Installation Steps

The installation can be pretty convoluted for someone who is not used to installing things like these. Regardless, it can be generalised as follows:

  • Use 1.25 inch screws to attach the gutter hangers with the fascia
  • Make sure this is done at intervals of 24 inches to facilitate more space
  • All the corners which do not have a downspout need to be covered up with a cover
  • Connect the sections of the gutter with the ground using special connectors
  • Cut the drain pipes to fit in between the joint of the elbow and the one on the wall


If you ever need any help from a gutter cleaning Charleston SC Company, regarding the installation process, keep the above things in mind. While there is more depth to how it needs to be done, this is the general idea regarding the process.