How the 3 Week Diet Can Save You from 3 Relatively Unknown Health Hazards Caused By Obesity

Obesity and being overweight brings along its fair share of health problems, apart from the known ones like heart attack, diabetes mellitus( type 2) and gall bladder disorders. In this article, we will look at the not so common health problems associated with an increased body weight.


As bewildering as it may sound, recent researched have shown a connection between certain types of cancer and obesity. According to latest findings, obese people are much more susceptible to suffer from cancers related to the kidney, colon and oesophagus. Apart from these, obesity has also been linked to breast cancer in women post menopause.

Hence, it is the need of the hour for you to lose weight following the 3 week diet if you are overweight as it can help save you from possible life threatening diseases in the future.

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Joint pain

Joint pain is mainly caused by osteoarthritis and is often compounded when your legs need to carry extra pounds of your body. This happens because the extra fat that you carry has its won weight, which puts additional pressure on your bones and cartilages, causing you feel pain.

A successful weight loss program, like the 3 week diet, can help you to lose the extra weight that you carry and in turn, prevent you from suffering from joint pain.


Obese people have been seen to suffer more from gout than normal weighing people. Gout too is a problem of joint pain caused due to accumulation of uric acid crystals in the body. You can avoid this extra uric acid build up in your body by eating a balanced diet regularly.

Before starting on your diet, it is better to read 3 week diet reviews so that you can understand how the diet works better and what to do to gradually lose weight successfully and become fit.