How to keep your cat from spilling the litter everywhere?

It may seem like a small cleaning problem but it gets nerve wracking when you see the litter being spread all over the floor every time you walk in. It also makes the place smell and the odor takes a lot ofefforts to go away. It is best to keep things in the right place since the very starting so that one does not have to deal with this problem.

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Simple steps to keep the cat from spilling the litter

  • Use a box with higher sides: – This box has an advantage of keeping the litter inside without the common problems of a closed box. Good check here is that the side of the entrance which is lower compared to others is still high enough to keep the litter inside. The cat genie reviews may be helpful in reviewing products with such qualities.
  • Use an extra large box: – The cat makes the litter move from its place is because it tries to create a hole where it can eliminate. The problem with the small box is that there is no space and thus the cat forces the litter out of the box and onto the floor. A bigger box will ensure that this does not happen, cat genie review shares products that can be best suited for this, the big boxes that the pet shops sell are actually average for a cat and thus one should be careful while making the decision.
  • Use large litter particles:- This is best as the other way the litter finds a place all over the floor is by getting stuck in the cat’s paws. Avoid fine –grained cat litter. Look for larger particles that the cat is not inclined to push away as well.

With these small hacks, you will save yourself a lot of cleaning time and much less stress.