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The Man behind Rustic Pathways: An Organisation That Is Breaking Barriers

The Rustic Pathway is an organisation that provides travel programmes for students and teachers. The main aim of Rustic pathways is to amalgamate education, travel and philanthropy and put it to use for betterment of humankind. Students and educators work with local communities while travelling and help them improve their lives. The focus of Rustic is to try and make a positive impact on the lives of communities all around the world.

Inception and management:

Since its beginning Rustic Pathways has tried to imbibe certain qualities into its students, facilitators and staff members. The Rustic Pathways CEO Mr Chris Stakich is a shining example of all that is important to the organisation. Virtues of integrity, passion, teamwork, excellence, safety and global responsibility are what set it apart from others. After graduating from Harvard University, Mr Stakich got involved in travels, education and community service. Since the last thirteen years, he has been trying to bring the fields of education and travelling together and use them for improving human lives.

rustic pathways ceo

After holding several other offices, Stakich was appointed the Rustic Pathways CEO and chairman of the Board in 2014. His focus on innovation and excellence are what pushes Rustic to newer heights everyday!


In a short span of last three years, Stakich has collected several accolades as the Rustic Pathways CEO. Under his tenure, the organisation has expanded to forty times its original size. Now it employs more than 500 people and has students from over 60 countries living in some of the most distant villages around the world.

Stakich believes in simple living and is also involved in a lot of philanthropic activities. Apart from being the CEO at Rustic, he is the chairman of Thinking beyond Borders, is a board member of Thrival Academies and also acts as a board advisor for Global Citizen Year among others. Stakich currently lives with his San Francisco and is on a constant lookout for young minds who can encapsulate responsibility on a global basis.

Read the Necessary Reviews before Buying the Most Suitable Wireless Doorbells

The house absolutely needs various things for it to be completely sustainable for the people living in it. There are various things that work together in making it absolutely beneficial for the people living in them.

Of course, one must understand that the doorbells are really important for the people in more than simple one way. These help people in knowing when there are people at their doors.

This is one reason why buying the best of these matters. The wireless doorbells most definitely are important for the people. But then again, finding the best wireless doorbells isn’t an easy thing to do. There are certain rules that the people must follow.

The most important thing to do is make sure that the reviews are well read.

best wireless doorbells

Why read the reviews?

Following are the various reasons why the people must read the wireless doorbell reviews in the first place:

  • These help understand the best about it:

With the help of these reviews one will definitely understand that what is best in these. Also, people will understand that how these make a difference. In the best way. People must realize that these reviews make people realize that how can these be utilized for the better.

  • Helps identify the negatives:

There has to be at least some negative in the product. Understanding this really helps the people no matter what. Of course, one must understand that cutting off the negativity is of course essential. And this is only one reason why the wireless doorbells must be selected based on these.

  • Helps identify the best sites:

With the help of the reviews one can understand that which sites are the best. Also, these will help the people in understanding that how the sites can help with the best products.

Gay romance novels & ebooks for deeper understanding!

Reading a book is like taking a tour within and bringing oneself at peace. A book offers to be your best friend when you have nobody around and definitely is the best thing to read for your knowledge upgrades and language insights. People indulge into various forms of reading that provides them knowledge on the subject they have been yearning for and finds them tales that they shall remember for entire life. And if you keep wondering which book to pick when you pass through a book stall take it from us the trending books of the season!

Offbeat book recommendations

It’s very common to find some of the best editors or book clubs to recommend reading some of the popular classic fictions or even literary bestsellers, but it is all about exploring different field and genre of book to help yourself stay updated with the latest of work and reads. Here is what to pick!

lesbian novels

  1. Gay romance novels: The world is debating about the gay rights and living. While it is difficult for everyone what it is like to be gay, the gay romance novels help you get thorough insider knowledge of the subject helping you evaluate the scene better!
  2. Historical books: History is the foundation of our present and to best evaluate the present it is important to know the history well. Pick from lesser known history books to have worthy reads.

Pick ebook version to get new copies

Purchasing books from other countries might not be an easy task when it comes to lesbian novels and subjects which are on questions. Therefore you can easily pick on ebooks and read on the go. The online library offers free lesbian ebooks for all to have the best reading experience. Ebooks allow you access to world book library!

Mistakes You Are Making By Not Availing Chapel Hill nc Maid Service

There is no substitute of keeping your place clean and fresh. Every house has different needs when it comes to cleaning. The number, age and life style of people hugely influence the need of cleaning services. Hence, a customized cleaning facility is a sought after thing in almost every house-hold. The uprising need of experienced cleaning services is answered by the Chapel Hill cleaning services.

People need to consider some factors before hiring a cleaning agency. It is very important to keep in mind the services they are offering and how successfully they are able to portray it. There are varied reasons you should avail cleaning services.

Why should you avail a cleaning service?

  • Time-management

In this busy world outdoor works consume most of the time of a day. In addition to that it drains the energy for working after getting back to house. This is the point one strongly desires the involvement of a helping services that will assist not only in cleaning but in other chores too.

chapel hill nc maid service

  • Lack of proper ways

Most of the times amateur home makers misses the part of doing the working efficiently. It in turns takes them more time to complete the work diligently.

  • Give yourself a treat

Sometimes people should just take a break from their regular house job for a change. During this time Chapel Hill cleaning services can result in great advantage.

  • They are affordable

If things are within your reach then you must grab it at once. Same is the case with cleaning services. They provide quality service within budget.

The cleaning services bring great help in the hour of immediate need.They provide expert quality of efficiency in maintaining house cleanliness by manual methods. The quality of services is efficient from the rise in demand for their expert chapel hill nc maid service.



The Top 3 Uses of the Whizzinator

In the current market, there is a huge variety of different products available. One such product is the Whizzinator: a strap-on reusable prosthetic penis that uses synthetic urine for simulation of real organ. You can wear it discreetly in the form of an undergarment. Even the synthetic urine’s temperature can be maintained at normal body temperature for up to 8 hours.

Given the distinctive nature of the product, it is natural to wonder exactly what is the use of the product. Why would people need to use something like this? Pranks and synthetic urine sample are two of the most common reasons for using the product.

Producing Fake Samples of Urine

With the help of a product like this, you can always produce fake urine samples with ease. The use of the synthetic urine along with the urine delivery product (the prosthetic penis) works wonders.


Products like Whizzinator allow you to produce fake samples under even strict supervision. The fake penis looks so natural that no would have any doubt, even on close inspection.

Play pranks with your buddies

You don’t always have to have a urine test upcoming to use such a product. You can be creative and playful with something like this. Particularly, if you love playing pranks, you can definitely use this product. Just think of it, there are millions of ways in which you can prank your buddies. You can fool them into believing the prosthetic penis to be the real thing!

Costume parties and Halloween

Costume parties and Halloween provide you another opportunity to get creative with something like the Whizzinator. In case you come up with the right kind of costume to go along with it, you can always use the fake penis. After all, it’s all about getting creative and having a bit of fun.

The Importance of Business Consultant

They are the people who help the business to take strategic decisions. These strategic decisions could be changing the business model, expanding the business, lowering the cost, maximizing the profits and so on. They work in tandem with the clients and work according to the requirement of the clients.  Abraham Zaiderman founder of Abraham Zaiderman consulting is in this business for more than thirty years.

What did they do?

In the simpler term they analyse the need for their clients. Then, they dig deep into the problem area. Do in-depth research sometimes with the client, sometimes independently. With their finding they gave suggestions. They can also be part of the implemention process. They are usually expert in their chosen field. Example, Abraham Zaiderman was in the restaurant business and now as a consultant, he is helping restaurants in overall growth.

abraham zaiderman

How is business consultant beneficial to your business?

It’s good to have a second opinion. A business consultant might give you an insight which you might be missing because you are too attached to your business. Also, there are areas where you might not have the expertise, let’s say digital marketing or financial knowledge. Further, if you want to take tough decisions like making a drastic change in resources; then these consultants can also do your unpleasant work.

The traits of a good business consultant:

The most crucial trait is getting aligned with clients need. A consultant could suggest right or wrong but his sole agenda is to fulfil the goal of the client. He should have a good experience in the chosen field. A mechanical engineer cannot consult a restaurant business and vice versa. The consultant needs to be thorough, whether its analysis, research or implementation he should be meticulous in his work. Apart from these traits, Abraham Zaiderman believes that hard work, putting others before yourself and interpersonal relations makes one the best consultant.

Betting games require special skills

Gambling and betting games are something that is trending so much on the internet. People think that gambling and betting games like situs judi online and judi bola are easy to win. That is why they go more towards these games. But these games are not at all easy to win. They require some special skills and manipulations to win. There are some special skills and experience that count a lot to win games like these. Those who think that these games are easy to win need some knowledge. People who are interested in playing and winning games need to develop these skills. They need to work on their calculations, analysis and manipulations abilities. If they are expert enough and calculations and manipulations only then they will be able to make perfect guess and bet in order to win the game. It is clear that you need to be perfect in guess work to win such games so go for improvement of your skills. Therefore, it is clear that winning these games is not an easy task. So, don’t waste time now. Instead get ready and start going for the skill development.

There are many sites that allow you to play online with free accounts. You can go with those sites in order to practice and develop your skills. This will help you to gain experience and ultimately you’ll be aware of the activeness and calmness that is required to make a perfect gaming bet. When you feel that you have observed this game much and you have built confidence that you can win easily then you can definitely go with playing games at paid sites or having paid accounts. If you’ll first learn and then go for playing games then it will definitely help you to have perfect win in games like judi online.










Guide to Buy Replica Watches Online


In modern times, fashionable watches have occupied a special position in almost everyone’s collection. Watches, these days, add to the style statement of an individual, thereby enhancing one’s personality as well as his social status. A good branded watch can be termed as a great symbol of one’s social as well as economic status. These watches are something which everyone cannot afford. The best alternatives to such expensive watches are the replica ones. Rolex replica watches, Panerai and Breitling replica watches are quite well known by people who have akeen interest in buying watches.

These replica watches are easily available in the market as well as have online access. For purchasing such a watch, one must be careful enough as these are the not the original ones and might have some serious faults. Online purchase demands more cautiousness as one can neither touch nor have a close view of the watch. Here is a guideline while purchasing replica watches online.

  • One must at first decide on which replica watch they wish to buy. It can be Panerai replica watches or Breitling replica watches. One must know which replica watch is closer to the original one and thus make a purchase.

Rolex replica watches

  • One must select a trusted dealer before spending their money.


  • The payment option must be checked before choosing a particular website and the one that suits you and is easy for you must be chosen.


  • The shipping option should also be checked at each of the countries come up with diverse options. The cost of shipping may also vary if the website is based on some other country.


  • The arrival time of the watch should also be checked so as to compare with other websites and choose the one who promises to deliver you the product as earliest as possible.


By following the above mentioned guidelines, one is sure to possess amazing Rolex or Panerai replica watches based on your taste. One needs to be real careful and make an effective online purchase as there are high chances of getting tricked intothe modern world.

How to spend time with your pets?

Spending time with your pets maybe one of the best things that you could ever do especially after a long and tiring day at work or even when your mind is not that active, spending time with your pets can help you to rejuvenate yourself says cat genie reviews.

Below mentioned are some of the ways to spend productive time with your pets as mentioned on catgenie reviews.

  • Take them for long walks

It is quite certain that almost all the pets would like to go and hang around in the nature.They will always love to go out with their owners as they enjoy their company and when you take them out for a long walk it will also keep your mind and body fit and healthy when you involve yourself in physical activities.

Naturally the body gets accustomed to it and you will feel lighter at heart and everything that you do will become easy for you because you have a proper regime for yourself.

  • Buy them toys

A lot of pets would be trained to play with the toys and it is not impossible to train your pets on cat genie review as well.You need to buy certain toys for them and you should always tell them what they should be doing when you start training them and they will quickly understand what they have to do with those toys.

Pets are very intelligent and they can understand instructions very quickly and the toys that you buy should also be really helpful for them so that they can understand what exactly their master is going to tell them.

  • Pamper them

When you feel low or if you have a dull day back at office it is always good to come back home and spend some time pampering your pets.

A Designer’s Delight and a Customer’s Reward on Teak Garden Bench

If you are looking to buy teak garden bench, then this article is just for you. If you are wondering as to why buy teak garden benches leaving behind other wood benches, then read on.

Designs of teak garden bench

You already know that teak is a hard wood and hence is extremely strong and resilient but what you should also know is that since, it is a hard wood, manufactures and designers are able to make more elaborate designs in teak wood furniture than in any other wood furniture.

Teak wood does not break easily and thus is able to withstand the design elements that a designer tries infusing in it.It is due to this very reason, manufacturers produce a large variety of designs on teak wood furniture, including teak garden bench than others.

In short, teak wood offer flexibility and flexibility is something that all manufacturerscrave for.

teak garden bench

Water resistance of teak garden bench

Teak garden benches are meant to be used outdoors and as such it is understood that not only will they have to withstand temperature changes but also water. Due to its internal composition, teak wood is naturally a hydrophilic substance and hence is water-proof.

It does not imbibe water and swell up like other wood furniture when exposed to the rains. This prevents unwanted expansions and discoloration. This also prevents unwanted gaps and seepages. Due to this property, teak wood was used to manufacture ships in the past.

Easily repairable

Teak wood furniture though does not easily get damaged naturally but in instances of external damage due to application of excessive manual force, it can easily be repaired. This is done as teak furniture being a flexible and adaptable wood, is able to accommodate repairs much better than other furniture if need arises.

What causes dry skin under the eyes?


The dryness under the eye can make anyone unhappy and it can look not so attractive. It is a common problem which makes people worried and irritated. The problems affect many and mostly it is a temporary issue without any serious implications. Yet it should be taken care of at the right time so that it does not increase beyond a point and create any serious problem. The dry flaky skin under eyes article has a pool of knowledge on the topic and can help readers with great insights.

What does cold weather do?

The cold weather leads to dryness of the skin. The moisture is extracted from the skin and it is left flaking and with patches. The cold weather is the main reason when many feel the dry skin, especially under the eye. It is irritating and many who face the situation starts to worry a lot for the same. Dry weather has less humidity in the air and also there is an absence of water vapor which is shown as the main reason why the skin starts to feel dry even with the regular skincare regime.

What are the other reasons of dry skin?

Harsh cosmetic products like soap, moisturizer, make up cleaner, scrub takes the moisture away from the skin. The product that contains alcohol and synthetic ingredients takes away the natural oils from the skin leaving it dry and lifeless.  The wrong choice of product also lead to the skin leaving lifeless, it’s important the product according to the skin type are used so that the skin is rejuvenated after their use.

The  flaky skin around eyes advice on eCellulitis shares a lot of added reasons which one might ignore in the normal course of life which are harmful to the skin. Small steps and little care can change thing around.


Advantages of having an air purifier

It is pretty important to have ahepa air filterbecause the air we breathe in today is highly polluted. With the increase pollution and a lot of other changes in the atmosphere it becomes very important that the air you breathe should be really pure and healthy especially when you have kids and children back at home it becomes highly important that you have ahepa air purifier.

One of the major advantages of having an air purifier is that it will absorb all the pollen that is present in the air because a lot of people these days are highly allergic to pollen.

Pollens can cause a lot of respiratory system related disorders that includes Bronchitis and asthma. Sometimes this can also become chronic therefore having a home air purifier will help you to get away from all of these things quickly.

hepa air filter

Children are highly sensitive to odour and they may start to sneeze and their respiratory systems may become weak because of continuous sneezing. Hence, it is highly important to have the fresh air around them.

Children tend to develop a lot of respiratory related disorders at a young age it is important to stay healthy. Therefore; it becomes very important to have the proper air to breathe and this can be achieved when you install hepa air filter in their rooms.

Air purifiers can also be installed in the rooms were there are old people as they are susceptible to airborne diseases and especially when is a lot of pollution in the air it becomes very important that they are away from that so that they can have healthy atmosphere around them.

Else their health will take a toll and it may become because old people will have a lot of respiratory system disorders and in case if they do not have proper air circulating around them it may become all the more difficult.

The best gaming headset to pair your Xbox with!

With the modern world, the experiences of people have also turned modern and thus people need new sorts of gaming experiences today. With gaming being a part of our daily life we look for experiences which are digitally advanced, games which have life-like interception with 3D image quality along with a defined sound quality which makes our experience worthwhile. And to complete this experience one needs best wireless gaming headset for their play stations and X-boxes.

gaming headset

What you need to look in for a good gaming headset?

There are a large range of brands which are coming up with newer designs and even better features which makes our experience of gaming headsets powerful. But there are a few things that you need to keep in mind before purchasing the best out of them. They are:

  • Quality

The right quality of headset lasts longer and gives you a mesmerizing experience. The brands which provide for a better quality have a good name and repute in the market.

  • Price

Best gaming headsets need not be too expensive for an exquisite experience. Sometimes you can get good headsets in affordable prices and it is always enriching to have the right sound quality.

  • Material of the headset

Most of the headsets today are designed in combination of polyutherane, wood and even metal to bring out the best of sound. Make a choice which best suits you.

  • Comfortable

The ear pads must be comfortable enough with the right foam to make your experience a good one.

Selecting the best gaming headset

Headsets come in varieties for which the insights are provided by the reviewers and customers online to find a worthy buy. There are websites who have run survey and found the best one to be HyperX Cloud which serves high quality sound in good material with affordable prices. They are one of the best headsets available!

The Three Best Gaming Keyboards That One Can Find In Current Market

A gaming keyboard is a weapon to hardcore gamers. A good keyboard, therefore, enhances the gaming abilities of the gamer. It is not simply a keyboard. Whether you are playing Call of Duty or Need for Speed, a good keyboard is must for the games. The synchronization with fingers, mind and the keys make the keyboard an essential part of gaming, just like a weapon in a fight.

Here we are going to list some of the best gaming keyboard in the market currently. These are primarily mechanical keyboards. This makes the keys pretty robust and spaced out.

best gaming keyboard

Corsair K95:

This is an out and out gaming keyboard. This keyboard is built with the various competitive games in mind. It has 18 macro type keys. That means that there are 18 keys that can be customized and configured based on your demand. This keyboard is programmable in such way. The design is slick and keys are mechanical in its full glory. With adjustable heights one can use it on any surface and environment.

Roccat Ryos MK:

It is another up and coming brand in this type of keyboard manufacturing industry. It has a dozen of function keys which are completely customizable. The price is slightly lower than that of a Corsair K95. It has an illuminating blue backlight that helps navigate through darkness. But, a removable wrist is noticeably missing from this model of keyboard.

Razer Ornata:

It is one of the newer models of Razer keyboard. The noticeable price drop is sure to attract many potential buyers who are gamers. If look is the only criterion, then one would not think twice before purchasing this one. It looks absolutely glorious with its red and blue backlight. There are plenty of options for customization.

Apart from these options, there are other keyboards too that can fulfill the dreams of every gamer.

Its2017 and Attractiveness and Natural Selection Are Mutually Exclusive!

Since the beginning of time, attractiveness has been a social edge for individuals when it comes to community value. However, with the advancement of medical science and technology, that has become history now.

Medical professionals like cosmetic surgeons Gold Coast – Dr Scamp are making people more appealing to the human eye.

People think why sharp chins, toned figures, or high cheekbones make a difference. The answer is simpler than they think.

It signifies better genetic quality

From a survival point of view, the fittest have the most advantage. This is exactly the reason why good looks or body brings so much more to the table. It makes other people perceive you as an individual with good genetic quality.

Now things are different. People, who have always thought that their chin is too blunt or their nose is too long, can easily alter their features with the help of professional medical surgeons.

cosmetic surgeons Gold Coast – Dr Scamp

What are the benefits of cosmetic surgery?

Confidence is one of the most important qualities of any human personality. Being confident about the way they look makes them feel more attractive and successful.

But, the body tone, facial features, or structure we get is not in our hands. It is like winning the lottery, it feels good to win, but you cannot be disappointed if you didn’t. The odds are just too high.

In today’s time, it isn’t difficult anymore. Even if someone didn’t get the hand from life that they had hoped for, nothing is permanent. With the help of surgical enhancement, they can make any feature look like they have always wanted it too.

There are very little risks involved with getting cosmetic surgery today with numerous developments in the field. Although to be on the safer side, consult experienced plastic surgeons like cosmetic surgeons Gold Coast – Dr Scamp.