Pros of Whatsapp Plus Free Download And More!

The free whatsapp instant messaging application has been ruling over the world since the past few years. All its other contemporary applications have somehow or the other not matched up to the expectations of the users due to lack of regular upgradation or they are lagging behind in terms of features.

As unbiased users, we can say that surprisingly there is not much we can complain about the services Whatsapp has provided over the years. Even if there is any probable loophole, its pros seamlessly overshadow them.

The new and polished version of this incredible application which is the Whatsapp plus. It comes with many small and some conspicuous changes. Unlike in the basic version of Whatsapp, when a person opts for whatsapp plus free download, the classic green icon is seen to be blue. Moreover, the color of the icon comes with a customizable option. Users can change its color according to their choice.


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Other features to look out for after whatsapp plus free download

  • Whatsapp, being the most popular instant messaging app, comes to the features of sharing pictures, music, videos, and documents with the contacts. But it is known to diminish the quality of the image or video sent. Whereas in the case of whatsapp plus, the picture and video quality are retained.
  • Whatsapp plus comes with the provision of sending large video files of sizes above 50mb.
  • Other small changes include the availability of paid and free themes and also theb customizable background, chat color, and also notifications.
  • One can update statuses with increased word counts and restrict the number of viewers for the same. Hence whatsapp plus download adds to the privacy of the users.

So go for the upgraded version of this versatile application and never miss out on the services it has to provide.