Steps to have a lovely sex

Sex is one of the important aspects of life and making it interesting is totally dependent on the partners involved in it. People would love to explore a lot of things while having sex and this is one of the most studied sciences of all time. Mentioned below are some of the steps that can help you make your sex lives completely interesting.

  1. Know each other well

The first thing to avoid hardbe problems is by knowing your partner really well. Unless and until you know your partners well, you would not be able to have fun when it comes to sex. Sex starts with physical urge and that is totally true but, romance is the first step to have great sex and this would be possible only when you know your partner well.


  1. Find out the spots that makes you go gaga

Try and explore the parts of the body on your partner that would make them moan and this has been mentioned on Knowing the erogenous body would give you an extra added advantage to make your partner want more.

  1. Kiss

Start with a gentle kiss and then you can proceed further. Do not immediately jump and start exploring, this can be a quick finish and your partner may want more. If you rush and get things done then, you would be just mechanical. But, when you start it with a kiss; then you would be able to feel the movements of your partner and tune yourself accordingly.

  1. Look for something new

Some things may be pretty new for your partner, you could always check with your partner about their likes and dislikes and this can always spice up the entire thing for both of you. These can also avoid a lot of sexual problems in men.