Things to know about shockwave therapy

The fala uderzeniowa Katowice is quite well known for treating back and neck pains. It is often asked by physiotherapist even during a variety of injuries. But if you are new to the term, there here is everything you need to know about shockwave therapy:

  1. What is shockwave therapy? In this method, shock waves similar to sound waves will be applied on the injured area. It contains a wand which has to be activated to send the waves. It will help your injured area to get stimulated. Thus increasing blood flow to the affected area can help in getting it recovered quickly.

    fala uderzeniowa Katowice

  2. Is it painful? When it comes to the word shockwave, people are often scared that it can be quite painful. But don’t worry; fizjoterapeuta assures that you won’t feel a pain. You may feel little discomfort or an ache when the wand is pressed to your body. But that won’t be much. You also don’t need anesthesia during the therapy.
  3. What injuries it can help in healing? These are mainly for kidney stones. But can also be used in treating injuries when occurred in soft tissues or bones. These are quite known to treat lokiec tenisisty as well. Other than injuries, these methods are best for muscle cramps, loss of flexibility or motion.
  4. What are its advantages? It is very much better than getting a surgery. You can say it is painless, no drugs are involve and is a noninvasive method of treating injuries. You muscle will be flexible after treatment. It can help in improving your mobility and heal up your wounds quite fast.
  5. How long is the process? The whole treatment process depends upon the does you may need. And the does depends upon the severity of your situation.