Tips to Use Clash Royale Free Gems Efficiently

The clash royale game is a tactical game which will stimulate your muscle as well as your brain. The game is played in an arena. You build cards to play the game. There are different types of cards available in the game out of which legendary is the rarest. It can be found randomly while playing the game. Sometimes they appear as a special offer or you can also buy them from the shop of the game. To buy any of the items you may need gems. These gems are used to buy chests, challenges, card and gold. By using Clash Royale hack you can generate gems to boost your game further.

Accumulate gems for higher level:

Don’t get tempted to buy the cards with your gems. Rather then you should buy gold and from the gold, you should buy the card or any other upgrade. You should accumulate as many gems so that you could buy those epic cards. This will be truly beneficial in the long run.

Clash Royale free gems

Use gems judicially:

The trick is not to spend gems on the lower level. You can get Clash Royale free gems by winning battles, opening chests and completing the achievements.

How to use Clash Royale gems:

Here are some tips to use the gems:

  • You will need different cards to win different levels. You will need epic cards in level three, rare cards in level six and common cards in level eight. Buy gold from the gems and then buy the cards according to the level.
  • The rare card doesn’t appear every time, so keep checking the shop for the rare cards. Again buy the card using gold, not the gems.
  • Use gems to open chests and silver chests. You can gain gold and magical chests in the resting period.